About the Meierotto Family (Online) Cookbook

Meierottocookbook.com catalogues the recipes that were submitted for the Third Meierotto Cookbook, “Generation to Generation.”  You can browse the recipes by category by using the bar across the top of the page, with the black background.

Alternatively, you can search for a recipe, ingredient, or author by using the search box located on the right side of every page.

We have taken care to set up the website to be an interactive one, and we hope that you will contribute to it in two ways:

Each recipe has a form at the bottom, where you can submit your comments about it.  Your comments will appear on the same page as the recipe, at the bottom.  If you like to substitute one ingredient for another, or have a story to tell about making the recipe, this is the place to share that knowledge.

Finally, if you would like to submit a recipe or family pictures for inclusion, we welcome them!  Please visit the “Submit” page to send them in.

Happy cooking!

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