Asparagus Ham Sticks

Rosemary Fritzjunker

Ingredients:  Asparagus, cream cheese, shaved deli ham.

Cook asparagus al dente’ (5 to 7 minutes)

Immediately drop in ice water so asparagus stays green. Dry spears.

Spread very thin deli ham with softened cream cheese.

Roll on to asparagus spears.  Cool and serve as appetizer.

*It will be gone and everyone will want the recipe.

[Editor Ryan: I make a variation on this that I call “white trash pickles,” which just substitutes a cut pickle spear for the asparagus.  Buy some of the triangle-wedged pickle spears.  Then spread cream cheese on ham slices.  Wrap the pickle with the cheese-coated ham slice.  Cut into one-inch pieces and stick toothpicks in.  It’s always the first dish to go at parties.]

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