Chilled Cukes

Alix Mayer, Maddy Druker, and Edna

Combine in a bowl:
Water and Vinegar (about half and half)
Salt – lots
Sweetener to taste: sugar or raw agave nectar, Truvia, etc.

Peel or or don’t and slice cucumbers into coins, dump in mixture and chill Tomatoes (optional).

Maddy loves these and has been known to make an entire meal out of this dish! For kids, they are a great alternative to pickles since our Chilled Cukes are less robust in taste and are also good because they offer all the enzyme benefits of raw veggies, unlike pickles which are pasteurized. My mom, Rudd Mayer, used to keep chilled cukes in vinegar and water, so this is a variation.  Edna always had a bowl of these going in the summer, and when the tomato vines were producing she added those fabulous home grown tomatoes.

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