Gobble, Gobble — All About Turkeys

Donna Holman

Donna had fun interviewing and teaching her grandchildren on Christmas Day with these questions. Dan videotaped the interviews. She doesn’t give the answers, but I bet some were pretty funny!

Where would you find a turkey? Forest, woods, or on a farm? On the ground or in a tree? Would you wear camouflage clothes? How would you kill it? With a BB gun, slingshot, bow and arrow, set a trap or chase it down? What would you put in the trap for bait? Do you feed the turkey and wait until it’s asleep before you catch/ kill it? Could you kill it with a knife? Does a turkey have feathers, or fur? How do you get the feathers off? Can you skin it instead? Do you cut the turkeys head off or leave it on? Do you cut off the feet, or leave them on? If you wash the turkey, do you give it a bath in the bathtub or kitchen sink? Do you use a washcloth and soap? Who cooks the turkey, Mom or Dad? Could you cook it yourself? What do you put on the turkey before you cook it? Would you use milk, butter, sugar, beans or sprinkles? What does it mean to dress the turkey? Do you put lace underpants on it? Would you cook it on the grill, in the oven, in a pot, frying pan, microwave, or in a crock pot? Do you stuff the turkey before you cook it or after? Could you stuff it with cookies, chocolate chips and bubble gum? Must you throw the turkey up in the air before you put it in the pan? How will you know your turkey is done? Does it go beep or beep, beep?  What do you do while you are waiting for the turkey to get done? You don’t want blood in your turkey, do you? How do you get the blood out? What if you forget that you put the turkey in the oven? When it’s done what kind of mittens do you use to take it out of the oven? Who is supposed to carve the turkey? If you had to carve it, how many pieces would you make? How many people will a turkey serve? Would you eat the turkey all by yourself, or would you share it with your family and friends? What else do you like to eat with the turkey? Should you see if your dog will eat the turkey before you eat it? Before you eat the turkey do you put on it hot sauce, mayo, or barbeque sauce? How many wish bones does a turkey have? Do you think a turkey is just an overgrown, fat chicken? Would a turkey make a good pet? If you poked holes in the turkey and put candles in the holes on Jesus’s birthday how many candles would it take this year?

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